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Store Policies Privacy and Security

Atendimento ao Cliente

Store Policies
Privacy and Security


We at XzGiovanniModzX care and care for the privacy of our users, having as one of our guidelines the respect for the individual.

We have a privacy policy which is the set of rules that determine the treatment of all information that the user provides when filling in registration data on our website:

– All data you provide on the XzGiovanniModzX website is confidential and will only be used for the delivery, billing or participation in promotions requested by you. The data requested at the time of registration on the website are necessary for payments and for your order to be safely delivered to the desired location, within the established deadline;
– You, the user, guarantee the veracity and accuracy of the information and data you provide on our website, assuming full responsibility if they are not accurate, and you undertake to keep them up to date. We at XzGiovanniModzX do not assume any responsibility in case of inaccuracy of the data you provide in your registration;
– XzGiovanniModzX has a team of trained professionals to instruct our customers whenever necessary. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service by cell phone (31) 99496-0117 or by email

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